How to install Pandora XBMC Addon for the Raspberry Pi


I recently set out to find a Pandora XBMC Addon for my Raspberry Pi that I connected to my whole house audio system as one of its sources.

While I enjoy my own music library, its nice to discover new artists via Pandora.

So I set out to find a Pandora XBMC Addon.  For whatever reason finding the latest version of this addon can be a challenge.  Multiple developers have contributed to the project but the repos don’t seem to be linked or easy to find.

Hopefully this post will help other Raspberry Pi, XBMC, OpenOLEC, and Raspbmc users who wish to use Pandora find what they are looking for.  Without further ado, here are the details…

All credit goes to the add-on developers, all I’ve done is to write up this how to…

RobWeber’s Github repo for his Pandora XBMC Addon version 1.3.06 is located here:


How to install the Pandora XBMC addon:

Login to your raspberry pi via ssh and download the github zip file with this command

wget --no-check-certificate

The file will be downloaded to your pi user home directory.  Now rename the file with this command


Go to the XBMC interface and install the plug using this procedure:

System > Settings > Addons > … >Install from zip file > Home Directory

Select the file

The addon should now install and in a few seconds you should see Pandora Json enabled.

Now configure your Pandora username settings by going to:

System > Settings > Add-ons > Music Add-ons > Pandora Json > Configure

Note: Be sure to use the on screen keyboard to enter your username and password.  I tried to use my attached usb keyboard to enter these but kept getting authentication errors until I used the onscreen keyboard to enter them.  Strange, but true.